The GEM IN board game aims to promote education for intercultural citizenship, European values and mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions among youngsters. As a non-formal methodology, the game enriches the learning experience of students and young people as well as provide a further resource to support teachers and non-formal educators in promoting the acquisition of social and civic competences, fostering knowledge, understanding and ownership of values and fundamental rights.

The game has been developed with the contribution from all the partner countries: Italy, Greece, Cyprus, France, Portugal, and Austria. You can download the game in 5 different languages: English, Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese, and Dutch.


Rules Methodological approach
Οδηγίες παιχνιδιού Μεθοδολογική Προσέγγιση
Regeln des Spiels Leitfaden zum methodischen Ansatz
Regole del gioco Guida all’approccio metodologico
Règles du jeu Guide de l'approche méthodologique
Instruções do jogo Guia Metodológico


Box Characters cards Game board Jump cards

Question cards

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