As the project is coming to an end, on the past 4th and 5th of May the GEM IN project consortium met in Strasbourg, France, for the Final Conference. At this conference, the main results and impact were discussed.

The highlight goes to the impact of the project in Portugal, coordinated by INOVA+ and Casa do Professor. During 17 months of implementation, the project developed in Portugal an Intercultural Working Group with 50 members, training teachers with 10 participants, and implemented the game in 6 schools and associations, involving 294 students and 35 professionals. In addition, 4 peer-to-peer training sessions took place with 18 participants, 2 national committee meetings involved 11 participants, 2 round tables included 60 participants from schools, municipalities, and associations and 1 event was developed to celebrate the EU Common Values Day, involving 96 students and teachers.

In general terms, the project was implemented by 45 teachers and educators and involved 294 students playing the game. Furthermore, 11 national events developed to discuss the game enabled 190 stakeholders to explore it.